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Gavin Oberlin, MiCP

In choosing his career path, it was obvious that commercial real estate ticked all of the boxes for Gavin Oberlin. Gavin loves a challenge and in this business, every day is a new adventure for him.

Getting to know what clients are looking for and helping them find a perfect fit for their interests is something that gives Gavin a great sense of satisfaction.

Reflecting on what equipped him to become a commercial realtor, one thing in particular stands out. Throughout his life, Gavin’s dad owned businesses. As Gavin watched his dad and listened to him, success was modeled for him. His dad inspired him to focus on making decisions based on integrity and he always pushed Gavin to do his absolute best.

Since becoming a commercial realtor, Gavin has had the opportunity to use skills he gained through earning his degree as a business major with a minor in business law at Florida Atlantic University. As he approaches business dealings, he continually draws from his experience as a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, an organization whose focus is on principle driven leadership with a goal of positively impacting the world.

Gavin feels very fortunate that he was born and raised in Sarasota and that he is able to be part of the real estate market in an area that he is so familiar with—among people he has known all his life.

Gavin was recently able to present a plan to a client that helped her sell her family’s portfolio of multifamily apartments, mostly duplexes, fourplexes and an eightplex at top dollar and replace them with a newer fully leased retail strip center with long term leases in place.  She was able to take the proceeds from the sale, leverage a conservative 50% loan and acquire a property at twice the value of her previous holdings. Additionally, the retail property had triple net leases where the tenants pay for all the property expenses and was large enough to justify a full time property manager relieving her and her team of the daily management hassles of apartment ownership. The Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) for a ten year hold went from 15% to 65% with the investment alternative she chose.

Gavin has achieved the prestigious Masters in Commercial Property (MiCP) designation – Recognizing Practitioners with advanced Sales and Financial Analysis Skills.

Are you considering an investment in Commercial Real Estate or wanting to learn more about the advantages of investing and what it could do for you financially a few years from now? If so, Gavin can help you find what you are looking for—whether is it your first investment property, a new industrial site for your business or finding new creative strategies to increase the effectiveness of your current commercial holdings. Whatever your real estate needs may be—Gavin Oberlin with Pearl Commercial is here to help.

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